Anything But Salads

As the business development intern, I led an Instagram marketing campaign by reaching out to foodies and aiming for word-of-mouth, secured 645+ likes and 20+ leads to establish Instagram presence.  I also built rapport with customers and assisted in building good relationships when engaging suppliers of vegan goods.


the sedan chair charity race 2016

Me as the salesperson at the Sedan Chair charity race! I introduced the concept of vegan food to the locals who approached (as they are less familiar with the concept) and let them try out our amazing snacks. 

farmer's pie.JPG

the farmer's pie

This is a clever twist of the Shepherd's Pie! Anything But Salads offers their homage to the classic with their Farmer's Pie, which is filled with rustic butternut squash mash and raw mushroom gravy.  I took this photo for Instagram promotion.


Yes natural

A colleague and I were comparing the prices and positioning of vegan products and devising ways to differentiate our own offerings.  We also contemplated over placing products here for sale.