Indigo Dye Cotton Tote Bag 清邁藍染棉質手提袋

Indigo Dye Cotton Tote Bag 清邁藍染棉質手提袋


* 適合日常上班、上學使用,輕鬆攜帶iPad、手提電腦、書本等等

* 文藝清新風,無論是造型和容量都非常百搭的tote隨身袋,適用於日常出行。

* 中性設計,男女使用都適合。

* 清邁藍染工坊 Murf Studios出品,每一件藍染作品的花紋獨一無二,所以遇上一件有喜歡的圖案就不妨買下來吧!每個圖案,都只會出現一次 

| 材質 | 清邁藍染棉布
| 大小 | 41cm高x35cm寬

關於清邁藍染:靛藍染技為泰國北部部落居民的傳統藝技,這樣的技術泰文稱做 mo hom 。現在這樣染技的織品是很多泰國當地設計師喜歡運用的布料。

//Indigo Dye Cotton Tote Bag//
* Very good for work and school, just carry your iPad, tablet and books with you!

* Made with light indigo-dyed cloth

* Uni-sex design.

* Product by Murf Studios from Chiang Mai. Each Indigo-dyed product is unique, and no pattern will occur twice. So, pick your favourite and or it will be gone!

| Material | Indigo-dyed cotton
| Size | 41cm height x 35cm width

About Indigo Dying in Chiangmai: The Indigo Dying processes are long popular among tribes living in North Thailand. Indigo, or indigotin, is a dyestuff originally extracted from the varieties of the indigo and woad plants, which color fabrics a deep blue. Designers love to use indigo-dyed fabrics in their works. With particular twisting methods, the inner layers of the cloth remain uncolored, thus the patterns appear in various shapes. The dye also fades to give a characteristic worn look.

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